What is OTR Trucking

OTR, or over-the-road, trucking refers to truckload shipments that are delivered over long distances. As a new CDL driver, this is where you will learn the ropes and earn valuable experience. Each time you pick up a load, you’ll be headed off to a new destination. In many cases, you may not return home for weeks at a time.

While this can be hard on a CDL driver with a family, it is the best way to make the highest paycheck as a new driver. For anyone without family responsibilities, it can be quite an adventure. You’re guaranteed to get a close up look at the vast majority of the country and meet many interesting people along the way. Although you will have to comply with DOT logging requirements, you won’t have to work to a set schedule or keep regular hours. In most cases, if there’s a reason that you need to be home for a specific reason, most companies work with their drivers to get them back across country. This could mean waiting for a day somewhere before you’re given a load of freight coming back.

Driving as an OTR CDL driver is the best way to get the experience that you need to pick and choose jobs at a later date. You can translate this valuable knowledge into a better job, your own business, or a career as a CDL instructor. Enrolling in a CDL Training program could be the first step in a promising future!