How Much Can I Make with a CDL License?

If you’ve spent hours searching for CDL pay, CDL salary, CDL pay per hour, you’ve came to the right place. Most CDL drivers don’t earn their pay by the hour; they earn money by the mile. This means that your paycheck will be impacted by the weather, traffic conditions, and the routes that you drive.

Most drivers start out making between $35,000 and $40,000 a year, and their mileage rate usually translates into a little less than $20 an hour.

If this sounds pretty good to you, it gets even better. Most employers offer bonuses and increase your rate after your first six months of employment. After that, you can look forward to annual increases. If you work for a company that has union representation, your pay rate will be controlled by a contract. This usually means that your pay rate is even higher than a non-union driver, but it also involves paying dues to the union.